Guy friend problems.

2015-12-12 12:28
I have a boyfriend and one of my guy friends has a girlfriend but before I had a boyfriend he cheated on his girlfriend with me (i didn't want to but he insisted) and then he felt really bad about it the next day, it only happened once and nothing major happened. well, now he thinks his girlfriend might be about to break up with him for other reasons and he says that once she does break up with him, he was hoping that we could do stuff again and I told him that I have a boyfriend but he still wants to do stuff, I wanna be friends with this guy but I don't want my boyfriend to get scared or anything (I've told my boyfriend about everything that this guy has said) so what should I do?
get rid of this guy. I'm completely serious. Nothing good will come out of this trust me. You could end up losing your boyfriend out of this and if you really care about him then I suggest you drop this guy.
dont make youself look like a fool but if you were stupid enough to do it in the first place why not do it a second. no offense to you
I agree w ratchet...either get rid of the friend guy or be ready to loose a boyfriend.
I think you should ignore him as much as possible!

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