Is this a good way to ask her on a date?

2015-12-12 07:51
I met this girl about a month ago and really like her. Last week she had a really bad week and this week so far too. I have talked to her about her bad week and have comforted her and she has called me sweet and has talked to me a lot more and i think she likes me. Should I say since her week has been going rough we should do something over the weekend and offer to go w/ her to dinner or a movie or something?
Ask her if you could take her out this weekend. Emphasis on the "take her out," it sounds a lot better than "let's go to dinner and see a movie" and it makes sure she sees it as a date, and there won't be the pressure of not knowing each other's intentions.
do whatever you think would be best to make your relationship with this girl grow. good luck :)
Do you know why she's upset? Maybe it could have been some relationship problems? I suggest that if you don't know the reason why she's sad, then it's better to find out first before suggesting to take her out on a date. Otherwise, it sounds like a pretty good idea. Good luck!
Aww. That sounds nice to me. Because you were so sweet, she will probably trust you enough to go on a date with you. I personally think it is a good plan sir :)

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