Why is it that a lot of women find themselves in a situation where men leave them high and dry after they find out that

2015-12-11 01:49
it that these men lie to these women by telling them that they wanna have a baby or the pregnancy was just unplanned? how does this happen so often? is it that women believe mens lies when they tell them that they love them? can a parenting expert please tell me. thank you.
Because you cannot break God's laws and expect good things to happen. Sex is for married people only and children to be born in the arrangement. . Pay attention to God's word the Bible because He teaches us how to benefit ourselves. Isaiah chapter 48 verses 17and 18
I think if the guy really loves her he will stay, but if he is using her and she gets pregnant he will probably leave. And most women don't know they're gonna get pregnant or if he will leave
Men will usually tell women they are not married to that they don't want children. Some women believe if they get pregnant that their man will be there forever. If the two of them didn't discuss that, then often the guy is going to bolt. There are also those who have the unplanned pregnancy. Again if the man wasn't planning on being a daddy they will often walk away. Of course there are plenty of men who will stay or if they don't stay in the relationship will stick around to be at least a part time parent.
a lot of guys would leave,maybe because they just weren't expecting it or just don't want any responsibilities...if it was me,I'd stay around whether I love the woman or not,and I'm most likely going to love her..if I don't, I at least owe it to the child for them to have a father..they did nothing wrong, just the actions of the parents..
they don't want a kid. women need to go after child support. states are cracking down on getting child support.

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