How can I change my homescreen on my laptop into something else?

2015-12-08 20:33
I hate opening my internet and I keep on seeing google so I want to change my homescreen into something else (I wanna change it into can anybody can help me?
That depends on what internet browser you are using. Generally, open the browser that sends you to google and go to options. Look for something that that says "homepage" and you can put in the address of the site you want it to go to when you open up your web browser or delete whatever is there and start with a blank page.
I'm assuming you mean your homepage. The site it goes to when you open the Internet. Usually if you go to the page you want to change it to, it should have an option to "make this page your homepage" follow the instructions it says and you should be set.
what Allie said..
Not enough information what kind of computer? It's usually in account settings though.

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