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2015-12-08 03:38
so lately I've been feeling sad a lot, and been having some thoughts about death, and just things like that. I was thinking about going to talk to a police officer(pretty close to him) about it, just to get it off my chest, cause I don't have anyone else to tell that I trust.. would that be a good idea? also I was going to tell them not to worry too much unless I tell them it's getting worse...
Telling a police officer is fine, but it'll be kind of random especially if you don't really know the guy and he doesn't know you and you're just pouring your feelings onto him. If you're still in school, I would go the route of talking to a school counselor/ social worker. If not you could also look for psychiatrist in your area with avoidable fees
if you're ok with others, not including the officer knowing then yes. Cops are legally required to intervene in such a situatiob
Yes it would be, they can also give you a list of resources that can also be of help.
Yes! They might transfer you to a physiologist, but its a very good sign that you are seeking help. I went through a similar period of times and Im now on medicine to help my depression.
You would be better off calling the Good Samaritan hot line. They are trained in this type of situation and its confidential, they can also give you local referrals
Yes It's a good idea... Also if your thoughts about death is about killing yourself then you should also go tell a doctor.
I suggest talking to a your parents, a counselor, Psychiatrist or Psychologist. The police can be trusted as well, but there is a fine line with what you can and cannot say before they are required by the state to have you committed against your will to a mental institution.
no talk to your parents first the police will not feel it's there problem if your parents are causing you the sadness talk to your school counselor or a teacher who you are close to and are on there good side and don't be sad life is tuff but be strong if your an adult go to a therapist
Of course! especially since you're close to him. he will help you get into therapy and on medication to relieve you from depression. this same thing happened to me, I've been taking meds for a little over a month now, and my life is slowly, but surely improving.

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