I'm planning to conduct an event state wide, how can i protect it from not being imitated by others before I conduct it.

2015-12-07 16:21
my event is about a contest, i can't give further details because of privacy
Depending on the nature of the event, you could try to patent it. But you would patent a method, not the event.
That is something you will probably need to ask a copyright lawyer.
Can tell you that even if you manage to copyright your event format, you can't copyright an idea - so you can't prevent someone from basically stealing the idea behind the event. As long as they mix things up well enough, they'll be able to get away with it.
You can't. You can use Trademark and Copyright, if there are things like brand names, products that you are going to use for the event, so no one can use them. But you can't copyright an event.

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