How to decide a short hairstyle to get when you are a guy with long hair

2015-12-06 11:56
in case you can't tell what my hair looks like from my pic, my hair is dark brown and pretty long. it is about half an inch from touching my shoulders and the bottom of my neck. it is parted to the right in the front and it kind of flares out on the sides. I like it and a lot of other people do too but sometimes I wish it was short. the varsity baseball coach wants me to play when I get to high school but he says he wants me to cut it a bit shorter. what hair style should I go for. the one thing I don't want is a buzz. I'm 14 by the way
There are several sites that you can upload a picture if yourself and "tryout" different haircuts.
Just look up pictures of short hairstyles for men.
Usually, when you go to a hairstylist, they will have a catalog with a lot of hairstyles to choose from. But If you want to decide beforehand, You could find a hairstylists magazine and choose out something from there and then bring it to the hairstylists' place. Hmmm... Your hair looks suspicously similar to mines...
If you like how it looks now then just get a trim that way it's the same style and you know you'll like it but it'll be a bit shorter

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