Why are all my songs from my old laptop on Itunes not on my new laptop?

2015-12-06 00:43
I've tried figuring this out but I'm not sure why all of my songs from my old laptop aren't on my new laptop. Is it because some of my songs are not on the cloud application? I know these songs are in my download history, but it still doesn't make any sense for my songs to not automatically transfer over a download for Itunes so I can have em on my new laptop? Can someone help please?
I'm pretty sure songs and other data can only be transferred from computer to computer a couple times. Also cloud could not be working. Call apple. If you give up burn all of your stuff onto discs and download them onto the other computer. Other than that, no ideas.
If you are using the same Apple ID and have enough room on the new laptop hard drive, then all songs should transfer over.But sometimes things don't go smoothly. There is a menu item in iTunes that says "Check for undownloaded purchases". Give that a try.
Any time you do business with Apple, you don't own what you bought. You only paid for the privilege of using it as long as it pleases the company.

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