What is Moth Man?

2015-12-04 13:37
I have heard that he foretells disaster but is he actually real.
A movie ("The Mothman Prophecies), I actually thought was really well directed and well acted by Richard Gere, referred to the "Moth Man" (a supernatural creature, not human, but able to see disasters prior to their occurrence, and let selected individuals have glimpses into these precognitive events). The Moth Man became popularized by an author, John Keel, who investigated sightings of a "moth like creature" that residents in Point Pleasant, W.VA saw prior to a catastrophic bridge collapse / Keel investigated such sightings throughout history that were always portents of some approaching disaster. The movie was based on his book. Whether you're susceptible to testimony without evidence is a good measure of just how superstitious you are (or religious).
The myth was born when a number of people from Point Pleasant, WV reported they saw a strange (alien) flying creature with glowing eyes, over a period of about one year in 1966-67. You can read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moth_Man
A movie
It could be real it might not but you need solid proof either way. Isn't it just great that everyone that happens to run into a mythical creature has a terrible camera.
It's a story about a moth-like creature in Point Pleasant WV, that terrorized the community before the collapse of the Silver Bridge.
A man who eats fabric and attacks with moth balls
Just as any of these type of myth, no one really knows. Chances are not, since it is a ridiculous notion to say that there is a half-moth, half-man flying about somewhere. And often, people only swear they've seen things like that to impress people or get on tv (even though, supposedly, if one sees the Moth-Man they die, but whatever...) but when you hook them up to a polygraph one can see that they are lying.

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