Does it matter if i go to a police academy in a different state then what i wanna be a police for?

2015-12-04 13:10
so, i live in Virginia and i wanna go to a academy in Virginia but i want to be a police in new york city, in order to be a police in new york city do i have to go to the academy in new york city? or can i start out at a academy in Virginia then move to nyc an get a job there...
Walt is right, check with the agency. Sometimes it is just a matter of graduating successfully from an "accredited" academy, other times they want their own. (Like the Marines, you need to go through Marine Corps Basic training if you want to switch from another branch of service to the Marines; however if you had Marine Corps training and want to go into the Air Force, Army or Navy, you need not go through their basic.)
You have to go through the NYPD academy. So take the written test for NYPD asap. Make sure you have 60 college credits with a 2.0 gpa or higher or two years military with a honorable discharge. It'll take at least two years after taking the written test to even get a call to start your background investigation along with your psychic, and physical exams. NYPD doesn't take people who went through other academy's but other agencies will take people that went through NYPD academy as a lateral transfer.
It usually doesn't matter
You should check to see if the Academy is accredited with the other state.

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