Why does my hand get so cold right away when I touch snow?

2015-12-04 01:35
my friends were having a snowball fight and I went to join them. I held a little snowball to throw but my hand got so cold and stopped because it got very red. I waited and it was still cold. then I decided to grab another one and the same thing happened. my friends didn't have the same reaction to the snow as I did. until the end when they realized that their hands were cold. so why did my hands get cold really fast but their hands didn't.
Cuz snow is cold. You should wear gloves or mittens next time
Snow is extremely cold, touching it makes your hands cold. Next time wear mittens
Because Snow is cold. Maybe they just weren't bothered by it because they're tough. ;);)
That's just how your body is.. just like anything, different people handle different things differently. Cold, hot.. anything. Also can be how conditioned you are to handle things. If you don't hang outside as much as others, cold will effect you more than someone who is always outside.
You just have to get used to the coldness of the snow..

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