Should i let him go?

2015-12-03 09:55
we've been together for a few days and he lives 5 hours away from me and we havent been able to talk much in the past few days and i feel like we rushed things a bit but i still love him and i dont know what to do
Give it some more time, if you still don't talk much in a week or two then i would do something about it
If you really like him then work at it, if you give-up now and be does too than it isn't worth fighting for
If your relationship can't survive a couple days of not talking to each other, then it's probably not mean to be anyways. Also keep in mind that you really don't know this person - other than what they've told you online. So slowing down is probably a good idea.
I thought harley was your boyfriend!^_^ lol if you've been with him for only a couple of days, then it's okay that you guys haven't been talking much for the past couple of days. Just chill and wait for a couple of days.
i think you should let him go....are you talking about harley? because you met him on here. and i understand yall love each other but you know what, if its true love yall will get back together.(:

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