What should I do in this situation?

2015-12-03 03:14
So tomorrow there is a Valentines Day carnival at our school. There's going to be a dance and everything, kind of like a mini prom with lots of competitions and stuff. But I was also chosen to participate in a Battle of the Books thing (kind of like quiz bowl.) I haven't been asked to the dance and I do still want to go, but i really also want to go to battle of the books. What should I do?
flip a coin, if you are happy with the outcome, go for it. if you arent happy, go for the other
I think jewelrybuckner and boss are onto something.:) I agree with that thought. It seems though that since it is a carnival, is the Battle of the Books first and then the dance? It does sound like you could do both. You might be tired by the dance though. I would go to Battle of the Books for sure. You might get asked to the dance there! Have fun and GOOD LUCK!! Congratulations on being chosen!!
flip a coin. Both sound fun.

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