What do you say to a boy so he can get a hint you like him, without you really saying you like him?

2015-12-02 09:43
I like this boy in my class and I want him to know I like him, Just I don't want to use the words I LIKE YOU.i just want to hint him on you know.
Men don't do hints. Get it through your head: men just don't do hints. When you are old enough and close enough to graduation, and you think you have found your one and only, then you grab him by the elbow and tell him in plain language how you feel and discuss what sort of relationship you want to develop. You grab him by the elbow so he knows you mean him and not somebody else.
You can flirt with him or just try to start a convo with him so he can get use to you and start from there.
Don't count on boys picking up on hints, ever. Also, don't waste time with boys in school. Nothing good can come of it at your age.Wait until you're old enough to marry, and then grab the one you want by the collar.
You don't necessarily need to even say anything specific. Look him in the eye and smile every time you see him. Try to get close to him as much as possible and talk about anything a lot. Though, it depends on the guy if he gets any hints ever.
Just straight up tell him, it will make your life easier because you won't be wasting your time on hints. The next time you see him, just tell him.

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