I'm looking for the FULL (longer than 40 minutes) video of Nirvana playing at The Moon in New Haven.

2015-12-01 23:37
Nirvana is my favorite band and I'm from a town next to New Haven so I'd really like to see it. I watched a youtube video of it a while ago (the video cut out during it but it was the full audio) but it has since been deleted. I know there is a cd but it's really expensive. stupid me should have converted it when I had the chance. But any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Ooh i like that band too. :D
The video with the full version was in YouTube but removed again because of their personal reasons. However, there are some of the websites that you can use to get even though they are audio sets. They are http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/nirvana/1991/the-moon-new-haven-ct-5bd67f24.html and http://www.discogs.com/Nirvana-Playing-At-The-Moon/release/1430642. You can decide whether to download them or play them online.

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