Is there a particular way I can grow my very small YouTube channel?

2015-12-01 10:21
I have been doing this for about a year and a half now, I deleted all of my videos and started over again like a month ago (BIG mistake) and I grew a but, like 6 subs over a week) I'm still stuck at like 60 subs. I do take time when I edit and upload them in HD. I would watch my videos I truly think that I'm entertaining (well, entertaining enough of someone my size). so :/ if anyone has ANY advice to me I'd like to hear it. (ps I do gaming videos)
2015-12-01 :)
Oh oh! I know.If you are really entertaining, AND play a newly released game (like "The Last Of Us, when it was just released, people got views over 4k to 300k)But that game is already old and people watched it already.So, your target is the next new game.
Making videos people actually want to watch?
What's your channel? Maybe my friends and I can checks it out.
Maybe you could comment on different videos that are similar to the ones you make and ask the people to check out your channel?
make a stupid epic video about what you do and it will drag people to it. or make a facebook or instagram and add/follow a bunch of people and some will watch your videos.

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