When people have plastic surgery to make their lips smaller does it turn out to look attractive or not(males).

2015-11-29 04:19
I find it unattractive when people make their lips bigger but I never seen anyone make their lips smaller through surgery, and I wanna make my lips smaller when I grow up. but I'm really to young right now so please help thank you!
Dont. You really can't. Have you seen them ugly people on reality shows? They have got surgery and they don't look good.
I have never in all my years heard of any such surgery. The only lip surgery I am aware of is to fix cleft palates and the like. And your lips will get smaller with time so let them do it naturally. Because old peoples lips get really thin and yours won't be so bad if they started fuller!
big lips are fine! I have never heard of it but if you are self concious look it up and research make sure that if you get it done you trust the surgeon but you shouldn't get it done it might end up worse you never know!

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