Where should i live?

2015-11-28 15:29
i am currently living in southwest Louisiana and am soon planning on moving. i hate the weather here, its always hot and i would much prefer somewhere with more seasonal diversity. all of the reviews i have read online about other states were always either negative or biased. i'm looking for somewhere with a descent quality of living, friendly people, low crime and unemployment, snow and mountainous areas, nearby water with great fishing, a good christian community, that close knit small town vibe and a safe place to raise children. I really like the look of Colorado and Tennessee but dont know enough about them to really make a decision.please help!
i dont suggest California as it is burning hot in the summer. And New York area is freezing cold in the winters.
New Zealand is amazing nice people and scenery + easy to get jobs and a house and alot cheaper than america
how about Canada or Australia
Minnesota!!! Everybody here is super friendly and willing to help. Schools here are great too! And it has like the best fishing EVER! There are plenty of small towns to choose from that are very Christian based!
Canada!!! It's snowy and the rocky mountains are nice and tons of lakes and land. Rare crime... Jobs everywhere and warm-a little hot summers. But I live in Canada so I'll give you the bad points too. Very high taxes. Large land to develop&low population=taxes. And the Summer Olympics are boring since we don't win much. But there is a lot of nice people here and nice fireworks. and you can live near the states in the South to visit family

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