How long it will take to house breaking a 8 week old german shepherd puppy? (Please read my details)

2015-11-26 08:25
I have been training him in a crate since he was 5 week old, and he was doing great, pee and poop outside. But sometimes I let him out in the room, he will pee on the floor. So, I wonder, is crate training only teaching a dog to not pee in the crate? The crate is where he sleeps and he will not ruin it, but my room floor is not, so how he will learn to not pee on the floor by crate training?
Why did you start crate training a 5 weeks? He should have still been with his mama and littermates at that age. Pups shouldn't be rehomed until 7/8 weeks at the youngest, and 12 weeks is even better. Anyway...It is going to take time to train your pup. They have small bladders and need to go out often. You should be taking him out aver 30-60 minutes when he is up and playing. When he goes outside give lots of praise for doing so. If you see him starting to squat to go inside, say "NO!" and get him outside quickly.
Let him sleep wherever on the carpet, but train him the same way with the crate. Also pen him in the room so he cannot get out.
the way we teach our dogs to not pee on the floor is when they do you tell them bad give a little hit just a little one show them the pee and say bad and put them outside so they know to pee outside. Its worked on all our dogs..

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