How can i make quick money so i can get my yearbook like now

2015-11-25 20:55
my mom is being stubborn and won't give me money at all
start a candy sale and double or triple your cash $$$
my kids use to sell candy at school, if you live in the north you can dig worms when the tide goes out and sell them to bait shops. they were a nickle for blood worms and 7 cents for sand worms. candy is quicker.
Go around your neighborhood, if it's safe, and ask your neighbors if you can mow their lawn. Set up a car wash for the neighbors. Outside only. :) Inside can be dangerous to you and the car! See if they need their dogs need to be walked. Offer to poop scoop. Rake some leaves or water their lawn after you mow. Ask if anyone has any plastic bottles or cans they need recycling.
Well naturegirl1997, it is springtime... maybe you could get a job in your neighborhood doing yard work. The elderly can always use some help during the spring clean up. Plus you might make a new friend and get regular work and that means regular income. Do you have any neighbors that could use after school childcare? Good luck on earning the money for your yearbook!!!
Ask your mom what you can do for her to earn the money for your yearbook. When she tells you what you can do, don't complain.
Mow lawns, walk dogs, sell homework, tutor, get a job, beg on your knees until your tears run dry.

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