How do I get along with my Dad more?

2015-11-24 23:17
I've been fighting with my dad lately, and we didn't talk to each other for two days or more. We started talking again, but then we had another argument. Do you all know how to make us get along more? He has Parkinson's which makes him shake and also a bad back, so we can't do too much together. He can't stand up too long and grip stuff well, like a baseball (catching). Any ideas?
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Send him a note now and again. It is often easier to talk in a note. My dad was good art writing me in univ.
Help him outas much as possible without making him feel weak or like a burden. Give him sincere compliments and justlet him know youlove and admire him.
Dads and dautghers have a strong bond-make sure he knows that you love him and that you will always be his little girl/boy
its not easy but figure out what he likes talking about and then listen to him, people don't know how to do it anymore
This will require maturity, patience, and kindness on. Your part. Understand that your dad has a terrible disease, read up on it, and acknowledge what he is facing. Refuse to argue with him, just don't do it. Make your time together a time of peace and mutual affection. Don't talk about things you know you don't agree on. Discuss things of interest to you both, like politics or sports. Treat him like someone you have great respect for and want to learn from. You might not agree with a respected teacher, but you can still learn from him or her. You can't do physical activities, so it's gonna be cerebral from now on. Celebrate him, he'll sense how you feel and it will be the grease that makes it all work. Bravo for caring about him and his need for harmony. It will take work, but the rewards will great!
Just do things you both enjoy together and be around each other alot and eventually, bondings will happen
A lot of respect , unless he's just angry for no reason . Best bet is to move out if not already done so . My father and I lived under the same roof & dominance got in the middle of us . But as soon as I moved in with my mother my father and I have been fine every since .

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