What things can I do for a boring week of summer?

2015-11-22 12:25
My parents are shipping me off to a relatives house for a week, so they can take a vacation and it would all be great but they have a 4 year old child with ADHD. They will spend lots of time with him. We can't go swimming that week, so do you guys know of anything I could do while I'm there?
-They have no internet.
-Or cable.
-But they have a DVD player.
There tons of stuffed to do you just got be creative
Algo que le guardara entretenido. El baile loco, la nadada, cuelga con amigos, monta una moto, etc.
shopping, swim,
Honestly I Believe That You Should Go Outside And Explore Instead Of Staying Inside With Internet Or Cable Or Watching Movies. Take A Walk, Go To The Park or Read A Book .

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