What should I get iPod touch 5 or iPad mini

2015-11-22 09:21
I'm thinking of getting one but witch one please help
They are different products with different purposes. The iPad mini will probably be your better bet if you plan on taking advantage of the larger screen (compared to the iPod) to be more productive and view apps made for iPad. The iPad will be faster and more ideal if you plan on doing more intense/productive work like gaming, creating documents, reading eBooks, or streaming video, which all take advantage of the large screen. The iPod touch is definitely more compact and less expensive, and if your main purpose is to listen to music and use social media or occasionally play games or surf the web, the iPod touch is a great buy. And if you plan on listening to music in the car or on-the-go, the iPod touch is obviously more suitable. However, if you'd like to use your device and be connected to the internet even when not connected to Wi-Fi, an iPad mini with Wi-Fi + Cellular would be great. It is a bit more than the regular iPad mini, and requires a month-to-month data plan (no contract; usually pretty cheap), but if you intend to use your iPad everywhere, don't skip out on cellular data. A regular iPad mini 16GB (previous generation) will set you back $299 with Wi-Fi, or $429 with Wi-Fi and Cellular on the carrier you choose. The latest generation iPad mini with Retina display (much better and sharper screen, faster, 16, 32, 64, or 128GB, other enhancements) will start at $399 for Wi-Fi and $529 for Wi-Fi and Cellular. The iPod touch starts at $199 now, and is available in six colors, starting with 16GB capacity.
Ipod touch 5
I recommend that if you are going to be bringing with you in the car a lot to get the iPod but if it's just for your house I think the iPad mini

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