What is the best way to start a conversation with a tall guy?

2015-11-20 18:34
I am 6'2'', so I get the 'wow, you're really tall' and 'wow! how tall are you?!' a lot - its a good pick up line for guys, but as a 22 yr old that goes out, what is a good way to start conversations with tall guys? This question could be rewritten as: good ways to start up a conversation with a guy - but I threw tall guy in there because it is less intimidating for a tall female to approach a tall guy, than one that is shorter than her.
No oblivious or ridiculous tips please. I'm new to the dating game, and would like some quality advice/ideas.
I have a "VERY" tall friend, but still...Talk to them like anyone else. Just say "Hello". Just because they are taller, doesn't mean they should be conversed with differently.
You don't have to say anything about his height because you don't know if he is comfortable with it. You can comment or make an observation on something and then introduce yourself. After the introduction, you can chat about a general subject, just not the weather.
Just say "hello". Don't worry about the height.

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