Could rabies be biomutated/bioengineered to produce some type of disease with symptoms similar to the popular-culture id

2015-11-19 16:05
I'm wondering if this could happen. Theoretically, it might be possible to have a sort of disease/virus/etc. with low impact and low match rate. But I'm wondering if it would be possible to actually create something very similar to a zombie-like disease in a laboratory. If so, how would it be spread? Would some airborne/waterborne component be able to be added to specify one strain from another? And if so, would there be some sort of bonding agent necessary to keep the virus in a spreadable format? Would the virus be able to stimulate some forgotten sensory pack in the brain, or elsewhere in the body, to give victims a sort of sixth sense?
If you're are looking for book ideas, it sounds like your on the right track. Now how important is the validity of the whole "Sixth Sense" idea. I think there is room for Fictional creative leeway in this regard. As far as it being a virus based contagion that either animates the host, or reanimates the host to propagate out for survival, you might want to rent World War Z, it is suggested in the movie.
2015-11-19 this video!! It will explain. if the link doesn't send you straight to the video, get on YouTube and look up Zombie Apocalypse Science by AsapScience
It depends on which "popular culture" idea of zombies you're talking about.Zombieland ... where the "zombies" aren't truly undead. Possibly.The Walking Dead ... where the "zombies" are truly undead ... and can survive as just a head. Probably not.
There is no known illness that can animate a corpse.
Yes, Zombieism is actually the most likely movie monster that can exist. Theoretically, it can happen with a small mutation in the rabies virus.
No. Go ahead and write fiction though.

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