My kids are teens, they live with their dad & don't visit. Should I stay living close for them, or hit the road? Roa

2015-11-18 11:08
teens need 2 homes for options, when they get mad at parent. no jobs here so low income. more $ working on the road, but their dad is $elfish, won't buy shoes, clothes or drive them. I would/ could help them if I lived close. have been 'on the road' work 3yrs. I miss stability.
You should be there for them, you are still their mom :). I think since their dad doesn't buy them clothes, you could take them shopping every now and then.
first of all I don't think it is a good ideal to give them options to take off when they are mad and run to the other parent because that teaches them to use one parent against another and to run from their problems....they live with their dad and you need to get on with your life and be able to take care of yourself because one day they will ask you for money to go to college and you are going to want to have it for them. they can always come visit you during the summer but they are teens and have like 4 years or less and they will be on their own and you won't have many years before you have to retire and have no chance to make an income. I would move get a job and gain satiability . good luck to all of you
You say they don't visit. Staying / living close sounds like it might be beneficial in a perfect world; but it isn't.I think you need to take care of your needs. Stability might be someplace where work is better and pays better.However, my observation is that where jobs pay more it costs more to rent or own.
If it were me .. I would want to stay close to my kids. Dad maybe selfish, but if MY kids needed shoes (out of necessity, not 'fashion'), I would make sure they HAD shoes. Too much information missing from your post to even begin to give advise on what to do. Providing a 'run to' place when they get pissed at the other parent sounds pretty 'unstable' to me...but, again, too little information to really say one way or the other.
Do what is best for you. Dad gets child support from you? If I read that right He will buy them what they need or else the state will step in. You being on the road making more money should not give him more. In every case I've ever seen there is a set amount paid. If the other person wants more child support they have to take it back before the court. Don't just give him more money and don't give the kids a place to run away to. That just causes more problems for all if you.
sorry i'm not sure what you mean about this but are you saying that your kids are 2 teens that need 2 homes as in you and their dad & you're asking if you should hit the road or stay?

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