What college course could I do?

2015-11-17 18:09
I like geography, I'm good at English and I'm horrible at science and math. I'm shy and I have computer skills but not many as I've never taken a computer course in high school. I am good at art but don't really want to do anything with art. any of the geography programs are too hard for me or require too much computer stuff and require me not to be shy, which I am... I'm so afraid can someone give me any ideas
Maybe a course where you have to challenge your shy nature might be therapeutic and give you a boost in self esteem. Most courses will require you to participate sometimes in a group project, you might even be required to take a "public speaking" class as part of your curriculum. that's the way higher education is.
John Sean is right about public speaking. I took a public speaking course in college and the teacher was, and the students were, very supportive of shy people. Everybody gave a talk and everybody, even the shy people, enjoyed doing so. That said, perhaps majoring in English would be good and you could study to be an English teacher.

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