Does anyone have experience with this dog breed? Belgian Malinois

2015-11-16 12:25
I am absolutely in love with this breed, and I really want to get one... But I've heard a lot of negative things lately...
I'm pretty sure a mali could fit my lifestyle just fine. I work at a doggy daycare (open room for the big dogs) so (s)he would be well socialized and exercised; and I'm also a dog trainer looking to further my training abilities. I'm moving out soon, which is when I plan to get the dog. I'll PROBABLY live alone in an apartment, but my area has huge parks everywhere and (s)he'd come to work with me anyway.
What do you think? Any owner opinions? Any tips and tricks for the breed?
I've already picked out names... lol
I thought they were only for like military or police officers.
This breed was bred as a protection animal so it has some aggressiveness and defensiveness built in. With a good training program they are fine.

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