Ok so when I urinate, it doesn't burn or hurt until like the very end when I'm done. It doesn't hurt as much anymore. Wh

2015-11-15 19:08
I thought I may have cut myself with a tampon on accident or if it's a uti. idek someone help me.
Could be a urinary tract infection. You'll need antibiotics for this. Easily treatable, incredibly painful.
Going to a doctor is the best solution. Sorry, you probably were searching for a better answer.
Uti, I'm 99% sure. Especially if you have to pee more than usual
If it's a cut, it will only hurt usually after one or two times urinating. If it is a uti, it will hurt during most urinations and will last (though may be slightly on and off) until it is treated. If it doesn't go away, make an appointment with your physician.

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