When people have illegal drugs, do they get them from the pharmacy with their real name?

2015-11-15 17:24
I found some pill bottles in my moms closet in a box and they have her real name on it, but they are for insomnia and anxiety, which my mom doesn't have (I don't think) they just kind of worried me. My mom would never do drugs, but she is stressed a lot. Please help!
I guess mom's hiding place was not so good after all. She is trying to keep them away from her children for safety reasons. No, your mom is not doing illegal drugs.
No, they are not illegal drugs. My question to you would be why are you snooping in your mom's closet searching through boxes. Shame in you!
Being that she still has an old bottle with some left over pills in it is actually a good thing. People who are addicts often will run out before they prescribed use because they often over medicate on the drugs they are abusing. For example, they have 30 days worth of pain pills but they finished them by day 20. That suggests a problem. But it sounds like your mom just stashed them to keep them out of reach of her children. She is being responsible.
illegal prescription drugs would not have her name on them...they would have anothers name or no name at all "tore label" or in a baggy or other type of container...since her name is on them . they are legal.....so don't worry
if they have her name on them they are not illegal, it means at some point a Dr gave her prescription for them. Check the dates on the bottles and see if they recent or older, she may just have had or is currently having some stress issues that keep her from sleeping well. (anti anxiety drugs can also be used as sleep aids)
If they were illegal, they wouldn't have her name on them. Since they have her name and no one else's name on them, they are legal. A doctor gave them to her at one time or another. If you check the date on the pill bottles, it will tell you when they were given to her. It's possible that they have been in that box for years.
You should ask your mom, and then explain what you were doing searching through her closet.
No way!

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