What are my options? I need help getting my siblings away from an abusive/neglectful/sick mother w/o having them be take

2015-11-14 21:43
I have four siblings, two sisters and two brothers, and an abusive/neglectful/sick mother who has been diagnosed with MS & MMD1. She's verbally and occasionally abusive, she expects my sister and I to cook, clean, parent our other three siblings, and do our own school work (we're all homeschooled). My younger sister isn't able to do much school work and my two younger brothers can't even read yet (they're 6 and 8). I work with them when I can, but as of right now I can't do very much.
I'm going to be heading to college in about a year and I don't want to leave them with her on their own. All of my responsibilities are going to roll down hill- my younger sister will be responsible for all of my siblings AND taking care of my mom plus herself and her schoolwork on her own.
What can I do? I would love to be able to take them with me and care for them, but I don't really think I'll be able to afford to. Is there something I can apply for or do? Is there anything I can do for my mom? I don't know what to do, but quite frankly I'm scared of calling CPS and losing all of them.
Are you old enough to take care of them and financially secure...if not, see about contacting some service for a home aid to come in and help, your mom obviously needs help, and children that young can't take care of everything, and miss out on a childhood either....maybe you have a nearby relative you can stay with, even temporary until things settle, or help in finding an aid. ---also , where is the father? he should hopefully take care of you financially somewhat if not in the picture. Start researching aids, how and who is covered free of expense, and talk to a lawyer who will give you some free advice (consult) on how to pursue things (if you are old enough)...also talk to a local pastor or minister, the more info you get, the more options may be available.....best of luck, and all of you have a future...do what you need to make it a good one
If your mom is too sick, the kids aren't actually getting schooling. It's against the law to keep kids from getting an education. How are you able to go away for college? Who is paying for it and your living expenses? Do you have any other relatives you can call and talk about this with? The goal of CPS is to not separate families. They want to keep them together. You can always call and talk with someone from there but don't worry about them separating you.
Talk to other family members or dads of other kids to see if someone can help. If at 6&8 they can't even read one way or another they will be taken away. What happens if your mom has to go to the hospital? The police will be called by the EMTs or fire dept. What state do you live in?
It sounds like your mother is overwhelmed, and not dealing with it very well. Contact family services and ask for a social worker be assigned to you and your family. If your mother is receiving disability it should be easy enough to do, if not it will take more paperwork. There should be something out there to help, but as to what varies from state to state. It might be best if you can get you younger siblings into a public school. That would give them a chance to learn. They are going to start from behind but with a structured schedule and trained teachers they can catch up. Plus getting them out of the house will leave more time for other things that need to be done. Family Services or Social Services or whatever your state calls it should be your first call. They can get you the help you need and there is a good chance that no one will be removed from the home. It is a last resort to do so. If your mother is having trouble running the house they can have someone come out and clean once a week, or check on her medical status, and the welfare of you and your siblings. Good luck. You have a lot to take on when you should be enoying your life.
If she's truly an un-fit parent, there aren't many other options...Are there any other family members willing to provide for them?...
You either leave them there ... or call CPS. Nobody else can remove the children from the parent, without parental permission.

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