Can someone walk down the street with a small sword even if it's in its sheath?

2015-11-13 08:34
Or whatever you call that thing it goes it. Should I have called the cops? The man was like 28ish (My guess from his look. I wrote it down) and this was in November. I was bored so I decided to ask.

I do realize in *certain countries* it's kinda normal XD and I do realize in the USA there is a chance your are shot 20 times by the police without second though. But I was thinking about the actual laws around it in the US.
Not a simple yes or no question apparently:
Shot twenty times by police without second thought???? My arent you the bigot glomming onto prejudiced stereotypes promoted by multimedia lies and exageration and specific special interest groups desperate for attention! Is that how you live your life then? By stereotypes? Our police men do an excellent job in general. An extremely tough and horribly dangerous job. They dont shoot first and ask later - unless they are being threatened first. Then anyone in their right minds would shoot first. Some one threatens you and you hesitate long enough to ask questions YOU are the one who ends up shot dead. You face a criminal with a weapon of course you dont take time to ask questions. You eliminate the threat to yourself and the public. If someone points a gun at you you take action. And yeah, knives over a certain length are illegal in most of the USA so wearing a sword in public is illegal.
There is not a chance in the US you will be shot 20 times by the police without a second thought. Please. This statement by you had nothing to do with your question. you are so wrong.
its apparently apart of some peoples religion I think. or maybe its a knife, no I think its a sword. idk but yeah in Canada its legal for religious reasons -_-. idk about USA.
I wouldn't because people can take that the wrong way and call the police

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