How much does a flying squirrel cost?

2015-11-13 08:05
I am looking to get one, and if i don't i will try to get a Siberian chipmunk.
It is animal cruelty to take these animals from the wild and to make them a captive animal get a non exotic animal like mice birds and other common house pets that know nothing but captivity
I think a sugar glider would make a better pet but if you are going to take my word for it do some research in what you're getting yourself into
it depends where you purchase one from. they run from about $125 upward, but if you adopt one from a rehabber who is willing to adopt one out, it can simply be for an adoption fee as low as $40. just make sure that if you decide you want one that you get it from a reputable place. generally, not a pet store, as they are often caught from the wild and do not make good pets in that situation. even a hand-tamed baby flyer does not guarantee a 'domestic' acting animal, as they are still wild.
I didn't know they sell them, but you could sped a lot less making a simple flying squirrel trap

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