I put my self in the friend zone and now I realize that's not what I want but it might just be too late. What should I d

2015-11-13 04:45
there's this girl who is literally my best friend, she's that first person that I feel completely understands me, just the other night we were talking about the partner we were looking for. As I was thinking about it, she fit that definition. I didn't say it but I feel she's what I want. I want something real. I introduced her to some of my friends and she hangs out with my little group all the time, I think her and my friend have a thing. What should I do ? she's like a sister to me, is it worth risking the friendship ?
Tell her how you feel, it's better to get the wrong answer than be miserable as her friend
If she's like a sister to you she's not really girlfriend material!

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