Is this considered overweight?

2015-11-13 02:36
I'm 15, about 5'9 and weigh around 170-180. I wanna slim down over summer break. How should I go about this without losing to much weight? I wanna slim down but not to nearly skin and bones
If you're slim, your weight might just be muscle. I look like I weigh about 85 pounds but I actually weigh 120 because I do Track and gymnastics ABD get a ton of exercise. But drink lots and lots of water. Once I was extremely sick, so my dad made me drink like two gallons if water in three days and I lost an entire inch of my waist, and that was without exercising! Fast walking burns more stomach fat than walking or running. Bicycles and v-ups are probably my favourites. also do squats and calf raises on a step (stairs). I feel like that wasn't articulated very well and was kind of scattered, so if you want to ask me any clarifying questions feel free haha :) hope this helps though, good luck!
not just trying to be nice or anything, but that is a perfectly acceptable weight.
whats youre body fat %, and 5,9 you should be weighting in at 140-160 you can also check you're bmi online, i need to know more information about youre body like muscle mass etc
No because a girl that I know is passed 180 lb and she's in 8th grade

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