What are some good makeup routines for high school?

2015-11-10 22:15
I suffered with trichotillomania in fourth grade, so my eyelashes are short and flat. eyelash curlers only work for like 5 minutes, so I want something that will make my eyes pop, but nothing extreme (:
I'm very sorry for that! So, what I recommend is to curl your lashes, THEN apply mascara. If you want, you can get some black eyeliner and apply that to your lower and top eyelids. Whatever your comfortable with!
For me, putting mascara on before curling them helps them stay curled. you could also try some thin, brown false eyelashes so they look thicker but not so thick that they look fake. and one more thing, look up "tight lining" on youtube. That has helped me a lot.
Try the benefit they're real push up liner! It's a little expensive but totally worth it. :) You can buy it at sephora or ulta! The they're real mascara is also really good. :)
You do not need a lot of makeup or black liner to make your eyes pop. One trick is to carefully look in the mirror at your iris. Every iris has more than one color in it. If you have green eyes, for example, you may see little specks of gold, brown or blue. Find your color and use that color to draw a thin line of eyeliner on your upper lid and outer lower lash line. You only need a bit of brown-black mascara to give your lashes definition. This is daytime wear, lashes or black mascara is not needed. Your eyes will pop, and make them look larger. Experiment with the colors. If you do use black liner, never under your eyes, that makes eyes look much smaller.

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