Food for chickens?

2015-11-10 12:25
I am looking for something that I can give my chickens every now and then to keep their insides strong and reduce the chances of getting egg bound. We already have them on a layer feed and they are free range so they find other food elsewhere.... their eggs are very strong. I just want a chicken snack that will make their egg laying easier. One of ours became egg bound and there is nothing more I can do, it's up to her now and I would like to prevent this situation in the future.
Make sure the bagged feed you are buying says 'with grit'. Grit is necessary for a healthy digestive system in chickens.
I don't think there is a food formulated to prevent that. Free range chickens are less likely to become egg-bound, in my opinion, because they are getting whatever exercise is natural to them. However, now and then a chicken forms an egg that is too large and she gets egg bound. I raised chickens for about ten years, a family flock that was free range; none of them ever got egg bound -- not because of any steps that I took but because that is a relatively rare thing. You may raise chickens for years and never have it happen again. However, I would avoid the so-called "show chickens" which like show dogs are bred mostly for looks; they may have the wrong bone structure for egg laying.Not to be crude, but you could turn her over and dribble a little mineral oil up her bumm; it has no chemicals and only lubricates. It may make it possible for her to pass the egg.

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