How do I stop being so nervous about the first day of school? Please help, I'm so sad and scared :(

2015-11-10 10:53
idk why I'm so nervous. I'm not starting a new school or anything, just starting grade 8 and I'm so nervous and I'm going to dread going to school :( I'm starting school in 2 weeks. somebody say something comforting I'm so scared and sad :(
You're gonna be the oldest! Nothing to be afraid of!
No worries!! I just started 8th grade two days ago and to be honest everyone was super nervous! It's the first day of school! Of coarse your going to be a bit freaked!! Relax it happens to everyone! Plus, most likely, the teachers will go really really easy on you!
Trust me... NOTHING to worry about.. You're gunna be the King of the school... and enjoy the age you're at right now cause it goes by faster than you possibly imagine until it happens.. But school sucks in general, but there isn't anything to worry about at all; you'll be fine

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