How do you download the latest Safari browser for a mac 10.6.8?

2015-11-10 03:33
I went to go on YouTube and they said my web browser was too outdated and I needed to download a new one. I tried doing that and downloaded the one for a mac 10.9 not really knowing that's what it was. So now because it's the wrong version my computer won't let me use it and I can't go online with it at all. Is it possible to download the correct version from the library's computer onto my flash drive (because I can't figure out how to do that either)?
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Given that support for 106.x (Snow Leopard) no longer exists (at least Apple will no longer provide Security Updates) unless you have a backup copy of Safari that was working on that version, you are SOL. You can always download Chrome or Firefox, both of which run well on OSX- even if they are both pretty ugly.Note that because Apple is pretty obnoxious about forcing you to use newer and newer browsers and OS's (they want to obsolete your hardware as fast as possible), you should always be backing up your files, and if you do an install of some app that subsequently fails, you can then use Time Machine to get back to a working state (sadly, it sounds like you did not do this).Until you can upgrade to the latest OSX, you may have to be satisfied with either Chrome or Firefox

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