Why Am I Alone? No One Cares For Me :( I Don't Understand.. Someone Talk To Me?

2015-11-07 08:52
My family ignores me and i have no friends. I have tried meeting people from the internet, and it doesn't work. I don't understand what I ever did. I have 0 friends and i have 0 family to turn to. I miss my friends in the military. They don't talk to me anymore. I just don't know what to do. I always want to end my life but then again, i am a coward and cant do it. Ive been thinking about cutting lately.. Someone help? I'm also autistic so no one ever wants to be friends with me. Ive always kept to myself. Why am i the problem. Why not end it now?
God wants you to have a happy life:) Don't end it nowhttp://www.jw.org/en/publications/magazines/g201404/#?insight
You are not alone..GOD is with you HE wants us not to rely on people but turn to him..he'll never leave you or forsake you.Trust me I'm from the street and my mom went to jail . been through hell teenage mom with three kids rough life and always felt alone.but when it got to the end when I felt Noone loved me and felt like I wanted to die..I talked to GOD straight up honestly from the heart.and I'm never alone.even when it feel like the world is against me.there's no special prayer talk to GOD'.He already knows just want you to Confess it from your mouth to his ears.even if you get mad he knows and understand and love's you..so do I..don't give up..life is 10 percent fun and 90 percent hard...GOD ain't forget you..you have to deal and be strong...please it get better..suicide is for suckers..don't give up..the best is yet to come.Trust me..screw that..TRUST GOD..Call(800)757-0900 tell them.(it might be busy)you not the only one ?
How were you able to join the military with an autistic diagnosis?
This is very sad that you are hurting I pray for your comfort .Dont search the Internet or try to find people you don't know to fix your pain .You must be at peace with in your self and know Jesus that He is our comforter .Than you can see who He has out there for you as a friend .
I am sorry to hear this. Life is too precious to live, and sometimes people don't realize that. Please don't cut either. It'll be a bad habit to get into. If you cut deep or something, what are you to do? People just don't see how great and beautiful of a person you are. I think you are beautiful, and I am always here for those who need someone.

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