Why do I keep having bad dreams?

2015-11-06 04:47
I have been having repeated nightmares for the past mouth and they scare me making me sensitive in the day. I would be drowning and something is keeping me down, then the scene would shift into me running down a cherry blossom grove but when I looked back everything was decaying. My memory of the dream would show up when talking to someone and I have a feeling I always have to turn around.
I am scared if I might have a health problem or mental illness?
Spirits did it...but whatever you experience in your dream is not always yourself...sometimes it's other spirits feeling...
I don't think it's a mental illness. You could be stressed and that is causing you to have nightmares. If you are going through something rough that could be causing it too.
i sincerely doubt its a health or mental issue...i used to get a repeat dream. where i would end up in the middle of the ocean... .the first time it happened a good friend of mine appeared and pulled me up...the next one was just a big hand . .the next few times it was a demon like hand ....the times after that. .i simply sunk and drowned ....personally i like the dreams i die in because i wake up refreshed.....dreams don't always mean something...most of the time they don't..and sometimes they are an expression of the subconscious .....the drowning could mean your overwhelmed with somethings going on with life ....there a few reasons that could cause that whole drowning ..as for the decaying ..maybe it could be that things are changing and not in a good way for you ..or atleast that's how you feel about stuff........on another note....diets can cause nightmares also....so don't over think it.........maybe even just tell someone you talk to......not to get their opinion or anything, just so you can vent ....i do that sometimes . anyway good luck..
Nightmares are normal. This is a recurring nightmare? Write every detail out in your journal so you don't miss any of it. From a psychological point you are going through a stressful time like the loss of a loved one or finances. Are you stressed right now? If not some people get recurring night terrors through their life. I get the same one myself I've always had since childhood. I got a native made dreamcatcher and had blessed it with sage and rarely get it anymore.
Probably not.
It's probably just because of a movie/event that happened. The nightmares will pass. I've gotten in stages like that, where I get a lot of bad dreams for a long period of time.
First I would ask your self are you living life the right way doing things good and being and good person living your life with God and Jesus or doing things your own way ? I have had dreams where I was being attacked by satan , doing things in my dreams that where evil and not me and I had voices telling me I had mental disorder and I was (bad) person ... You tell your self the truth ! I'm healthy mentally , I'm a good person and God loves me satan will do anything to scare you and make you believe lies , believe the truth ... The truth will set you free brother., as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil for you are with me psalm 23...
I use to randomly have nightmare for a long time, who knows why we dream. But don't let it bugg you!
Try to cut out the negative people in your life

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