Girls only!! What is the brown stuff in my underwear? Is it my period?

2015-11-05 11:38
I never got my period yet, I'm 14.
Yeah its here, next month your really gona hurt, so be prepared. Mine started just like that just a little discolored one or two days then hell for years now. Get a heating pad it will help with cramps when they come. Talk to your mom, use liners so you dont stain your underware.
Lol @rise But anyways yep its your period
Hi nina, I am a female.It is simply a discharge. Change undies frequently.Wash down there a lot with mild soap, or none. (pure glycerine bar soap works great)You will have your period soon so always carry ladies 'stuff' with you from now on.If you do cramp and bloat then talk to your mom about getting EPO, Evening Primrose Oil.It is like a miracle! And helps to steady your emotions also.Keep yourself prepared, and remember you can carry extra undies in the car just in case.After my children I still do and an extra dress!Welcome to womanhood.A few months into it and you will have a routine and it will be easy.And later, when you and future hubby are ready, the beautiful babies are worth it all!God bless you honey.
Yes. A little brown "old" blood is normal. The red will come later. Maybe today. Better get a pad for a few days just in case.welcome to the lady's club. you are now entitled to answers.
Maybe poop, although I do not want to be digging into this conversation.
If you haven't ever started your period then that could be it / if you have and are sexually active could be something you should go have seen about -- Maybe to cut it short and and to not scare you Ask your Mother - I mean like you could be bleeding Internally ?My bad / you are Probably just starting your period / didn't see you never had one /your fine I am sure

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