My brother has stage 4 cancer and has declined anymore treatment. I want to stay positive around him and my family I nee

2015-11-05 04:36
He has suffer a lot so I can some what understand this but it's hard to deal with him giving up
I don't know your brothers situation and, having lost a few family members to cancer, I know it's incredibly painful. The thing is, maybe he knows it's time. Sometimes it's time to fight and sometimes it's time to go home. You will be in my prayers.
Simply share of yourself as much as possible, and never question his decision to die with dignity, as a cancer sufferer myself I know too well how you can lose all faith when you are nearing your end. Smiles and reliving the joys of the past you've shared are appreciated more than you can ever know, and remember, a kind touch now and again can speak volumes without even saying one word! I wish you all the best on your struggle to this ultimate end. God Bless.
just do stuff that you enjoy doing together while you can. focus on happy times. that's the best thing you can do
surprise him with things he likes and spend time with him and do stuff that interstes him... but most importantly. make him laugh he wil appreciate it
Reach out to a cancer support team for ideas for him and the whole family prayers are with you
Pressure him to keep getting treatment. It's hard, but it's worth life
Your brother is taking control of the end of his life. This is something to admire. Spend quiet time with him. Get out photographs of your childhood together. Bring in the pet. Arrange for his childhood friends to visit. Bring in music. Change the bedding everyday for a regular fresh feel. Open the window. Put a bird feeder near the window. Show him that you regretfully accept his decision and ask him what he would like you to do. Touch him. Rub his feet.
This is a tough question. I would make him as comfortable as possible. If he is up to visitors, I would encourage short visits from friends and family. Give him whatever he feels like eating. Don't leave him alone for any lengthy periods of time. Keep his spirits up as best you can and also take care of yourself too. I believe in miracles.

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