What's the best way or exercise to do to make my tummy smaller?

2015-11-05 03:40
I'm just 15 years old but many says that I really don't look like 15 they thought I'm 18 and above.. It's because I'm fat but tall.. And my problem is that I'm so insecure or too conscious about my body my waist is 28 and my hips is 33 .. Please tell me what to do. People always tease me and i feel so small.
Eat less, exercise more.Make the food that you eat count. Meaning, eat healthy nutritious food. Limit fried/sweet/processed/fast foods. Stop drinking soda. Drink more water.For exercise you need cardio. Anything that gets your heart rate up. Running, jogging, biking, dancing, swimming, etc.
Row, Row, Row your boat!And just to clue you, you are not in bad shape!
yes! lots of healthy foods! do 50 crunches each night like i do and you will have rock hard abbs!!
Running is the best exercise.
Don't just do crunches or sit-ups by themselves. Exercise your whole body and do plenty of cardio. It's best to eat healthy, but, what has worked for me is, to burn off more calories then you consume. What goes in must be less then what you burn off, with activity, i.e., keeping busy with cleaning house, cutting grass and doing laundry, etc, exercise, e.g., running, swimming, weight training, fun activities, such as going to the beach and playing volleyball on the sand, hiking on scenic trails, paddle boarding on a water way, while at work, tensing your legs, arms, and stomach while you work sitting on your office chair, and of course watching the kind of food you take in, do pizzas, tacos, burgers, cake, ice cream and junk food once a week only. It also depends on your will to get the body you want. If you're serious the results will ultimately show. One last thing, see a doctor to make sure you are able to exercise and have the doctor rule out an illness such as a thyroid problem that may be slowing down your metabolism or other pre-existing condition that may prevent you from exercising. Good luck to you.

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