Do someone now this movie?

2015-11-04 02:25
I watched a movie while ago (1-2 years ago), it's a not so old movie is about a teacher who teaches to any in a school where the whole class is stumped, they totally do not work with it and have their diploma not achieved, but the teacher does not give in and he brought the students board at he helpte them with studying, etc., he did so by different ways (I remember me that he gave the students a lollipop, and a ghost in the cabinet clogged with paper "not open"), it's an American film, there is one boy in the class, african who was adopted and was abused at home because he does to graffiti but his father is a drunk that his son hates sorry for the unclear explanation, you would really help me: p
sorry for my bad english
a classic in many ways " To Sir, With Love". Safe Journey
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The Ron Clarke Story. My 7th Grade teacher showed it to us. It has Chandler from Friends in it.
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