How can I do this :/

2015-11-03 07:23
how can I ask out a girl that is shy about being around me. the reason I say this is every time we pass in the halls I see her and when she sees me she walks faster. she'll try to make small talk then walk away before I can say anything. I also get shy -.- but I am the most outgoing person and won't get that embarrassed about a lot of things. an example is going shoe less and walking around the school, or give people random hugs. I don't exactly know what's happening when I'm around her I get shy and happy. I need help getting more confidence and need a way of telling her. cool bros if you answered ^-^ thx
Girls like confidence, if you just get naturally "shy" around her, you must really like her! So try to just get outside of yourself, ask her out, by being yourself but try channeling a celebrity or someone else you look up to... I mean kind of pretend to be that person, have their confidence, their larger than life personality, their humor (whatever it is that u admire about them) I channel Angelina Jolie all the time! Good luck!
Ask her out, plain and simple. Good luck!!!
Before she says anything intrupt her and ask her on a date bfore she says anything. Ad if you see her walking in the halls, stop her and ask her out.
try facebook or text her.i have the same problem about being shy around a girl so i just texted her to feel more comfortable for her to talk to me and me to talk to her

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