What was Hiroshima like in the 1940s?

2015-11-01 10:01
I need to find out what Hiroshima looking like in the 1940s, including the buildings, clothing and streets. What did people travel by.
The city is on a flat terrain and that is why the bomb was so devastating. In the 1940s there were poorly laid out streets with no organized plans. Rail and busses were the standard mode of transportation and there were no tall buildings and a lot of above the ground wiring with poles everywhere. Commerce was conducted in small shops throughout the whole city.Today the city is among the most modern in the world with auto traffic on modern expressways and all underground wiring. The city is planned and highly organized and efficient. Western influence is in the architecture and there are many high rise structures. I lived in Nagasaki and that is mountainous and the physical damage was not as extensive.
1, School kids wore pretty much the same clothes as Westerners. 90% of them were burnt to death, either in an instant or had to die a most excruciating death after days of equally excruciating pain.2. Rice, beans, vegetables, fish, not much meat.3. Traditional Japanese style housing. Much more spacious than the Tokyo standard.4. Japanese, History, Science, Math, PE, all that stuff.5. Annihilated.

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