Is going from blonde to brown hair a good idea?

2015-11-01 03:01
my hair is naturally blonde. not light blonde but a little darker. I want to dye it a darker brown. my eyebrows are naturally dark brown/black. or even dying my hair to red like Ariana grande red. even though you don't know what I look like but would it be smart to go light brown first and work my way up to dark brown or just go straight to it? (or red)
I would start with the light brown and work up to dark brown or the red, just in case you decide you don't like it it'll be easier to get rid of than a darker color.. Or you might actually like the light color better.
I like my hair Blonde I think it's great. It's bright and not dull it's like Gold in a way I think of it ;) and I consider myself lucky to be born with it. Honestly I wouldn't dye it but it's your choice but I love my blonde hair lol
If you think it's a good idea and if you have confidence bout it then yes

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