How do I curl my hair right?

2015-10-29 01:59
My hair is extremely thin and pretty long. I have had various attempts at curling my hair but it just never turns out. What can I do to fix this problem?
You got to be good at curling hair. Keep practicing beacuse i have very straight long hair & not to sound cocky but i curl hair good lol. Try a straightener to curl but its eaiser with a wand curler. it does take longer than a flat iron though.
go to ur nearby saloon
try putting it in rolls overnight when wet and the spraying it with hairspray in the morning. Also, I usually sleep with a wet bun if I want nice fluffy hair in the morning
If I can do it YOU CAN! I bought this gold coated fancy wand thing. Google it if you do not know what it is. it gets VERY hot and it comes with a glove.

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