Can I complain to the manager about upstairs neighbors blasting music? First time experiencing this, read details...

2015-10-28 03:11
My upstairs neighbors aren't normally a bother at all. Of course I hear when the kids are running around and other stuff but I have my windows closed and I'm trying to watch a movie but they're blasting music and I'm wondering if it would be too much to speak to the manager. This has been going for an hour now and the neighbors don't speak English so since I don't speak Spanish I can't communicate with them.
Just knock on their door point to your ears!! They'll get the message.
It your right to complain to management. Your lease will have time limits of noise,but can be told to lower the music,I sure feel for you. Have a garden apt and child runs and jumps like if there were more than 3 kids and drops things. Sympathize with you good luck.
call the law
You can complain to whomever you must. Usually I say just go politely solve it yourself, but your situation it's tough. You could Try finding a translating website/app (not google translate!), type in what you want to say and show them the end result. You don't have to, just a suggestion

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